Andi Whitt

17 years old. She and her mother return to Moonstone Falls after her father’s death. But, there are sinister secrets in their family that Andi is determined to uncover. (vampire hunter)

Natalie Whitt

Natalie is Andi’s mother. She is 46-years-old and has had to return to a town she vowed never to return to. She works at her parents’ 24-hour cafe, covering night shift.

Brock Maddock

Brock is the town sheriff. He chooses to work nights because that is when the really weird stuff in town happens – the stuff he has made a commitment to protect people from. Things he really doesn’t even want to know about himself, but he does.

Ben Maddock

The Maddock brothers couldn’t be more different, or more alike. Ben is Brock’s brother, but Ben battles a demon that even Brock doesn’t know anything about. Because of this, he keeps to himself and is a bit of a loner author.

Mayra Vialla

17-year-old Mayra is part of Moonstone Falls’ elite. She is the great-great-great-great-great-grandaughter of Henry Vialla. She is a true mean girl, but she may also have a secret or two of her own to hide.

Trent Henry

What would a town like Moonstone Falls be without the mysterious high school student who shows up in town and no one can quite figure him out? Is Trent a nice guy or something more sinister?

Emma Finn

When you think about your typical night shift coroner, you probably don’t think of a sexy twenty-something young redhead, but that’s exactly what Emma is. She is smart enough to know something isn’t right in Moonstone Falls.

Jai and Alai Forsyth

Their names are pronounced Jay and Allie, but spelled Jai and Alai. It was almost as though their mother wanted to make sure they never found a personalized thing with their names on it. The Forsyth twins couldn’t be more opposite from one another.