Moonstone Falls

The town of Moonstone Falls is a fictional town. Why moonstone? The legend of the moonstone has always been steeped in mystery. Sri Lanka is a place known for the pale white/bluish gemstones you  may be used to seeing, but they are in the class of feldspar. They are also found in the United States. Of course, the colorations can be different, depending on where the moonstone is from.

Moonstone Falls is like any other small town in southern Indiana. Quiet, unassuming. However, under the surface bubbles another world. A world where strange gems are found at a local limestone waterfall and for which towns are named.

In 1853, Henry Vialla was exploring the forestry surrounding his town when he discovered a beautiful limestone waterfall and clear pool deep inside the forest. At the bottom of the pool of water shone something brilliant. He dove to the bottom of the pool of water and found a beautiful necklace with fine metal twisted into the shape of a tree with a beautiful moonstone behind. The gem changed colors in the sunlight.

Henry soon discovered the curse of the necklace and his discovery forever changed him, his descendants, and the town. Shortly after, a jeweler identified the gem as moonstone and when the founders chose a name for the town, they chose Moonstone Falls to signify that discovery and the way their small settlement was already changing.

Current day, Moonstone Falls is one town during the day and quite another at night. From strange marks on the bodies that show up at the town’s morgue to the town’s sheriff who protects the townspeople from dangers they have no idea exist, Moonstone Falls is a dangerous and unique place.

Vampires and werewolves? They don’t exist. Or, do they?